I recently started thinking and planning to start a new business, and felt I needed to have a template to use when wanting to start something, but I couldn’t find a good and easy to use for anyone, especially one that is helpful. I saw a lot of them used by VC’s or finance people, and especially geared towards software companies, but not many that any person would be able to use to plan and organize their business out. So I made my own as general as possible, and be able to be customized for your specific need, and a great starting point. I will over time keep editing and improving on it, so more than likely it will keep changing.

You can see the file here: Small Business Financials Template


I have seen individual simple templates made by some great people (which I used), such as:


I also some really great ones and honestly somewhat complicated and difficult to use for most people (which I also used), but I will say are really great:


Things to note are that the information will of course be coming from someplace else. This will be getting the number of sales and revenue from your POS system or website, a unit price from your manufacturer or you carefully calculating the cost of each individual part that it costs you for producing each product or service you sell.

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Finally, I will say that it may not be perfect (yet), but if anyone wants to contribute and help me improve it let me know!

(To do: Set up these metrics in the spreadsheets – 16 Startup Metrics and The 10 Most Important Metrics In A Startup’s Financial Statements)

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